Concrete / Masonry
Traffic Coating

We perform various types of repairs to concrete surfaces with the exception of Stucco/EIFS.  Our repairs are second to none with our temporary patches lasting in excess of 11 years and counting.   Our repairs include corrosion abatement and cathodic protection in addition to corrosion inhibition treatments prior to installation of polymer modified repair materials.  We also augment concrete with epoxy and fiberglass or carbon fiber materials for restoration of strength or seismic reinforcement.   We provide both water stop and healing epoxy injections.

KanIlli performs the installation and repair of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic coatings.  The systems we install are comprised of moisture cure urethane, multi-component cure membranes, epoxy coatings, and other various high performance materials.  KanIlli has installed these products on multiple federal, state and private projects throughout the eastern United States. 

KanIlli has been maintaining building envelopes for over 15 years without failure of installed products to date including items with limited 5 year warranties.  KanIlli has experience cleaning and applying high performance coatings and sealers to various building envelope substrates.  Our cleaning will remove algae and other contaminants and provide long term protection.   Our penetrating sealer installations do not alter the appearance of existing masonry.  


KanIlli performs all types of caulking, to include fire stopping.  We utilize the most up to date materials in the industry including epoxies, silicones and urethanes to include hybrids.  Whether your needs are masonry joints, crack sealing or wet glazing, KanIlli is adept meeting your needs.


Our waterproofing services are performed both above and below grade and come in many forms to include penetrating sealers, high performance coatings, traffic coatings and sealants.   


Really, it doesn’t hurt to ask so long as it’s not electrical, plumbing or HVAC related.  However, if your project includes these we can be your general contractor in certain jurisdictions.  So, give us a call and see if we can help you with your commercial restoration needs.